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    Become part of something bigger. Join our 7,000 graduates worldwide at the Johan Cruyff Institute’s largest representation of Alumni. This is the place you belong.

    • Albert Sala - Alumni Cruyff Institute
      • Albert Sala
      • Alumnus Master in Sport Management Amsterdam

      To me the great value is to have the opportunity to 'connect' with alumni from other countries, other years and other academic programs. I am convinced that interesting projects will come from here!

    • Luis Hermosillo - Alumni Cruyff Institute
      • Luis Hermosillo
      • Alumnus Master in Sport Management Barcelona

      The added value that the Alumni platform offers us is the interaction, since it allows for networking with all the Cruyff alumni from the different sites and educational modalities. If we want to go far, we have to go together!

    • Sergio Lozano - Alumni Cruyff Institute
      • Sergio Lozano
      • Alumnus Master in Sport Management Barcelona

      Alumni Cruyff Institute is a great way to stay connected; sure positive things will come out both at work and personal level. That the students are from different countries adds great value as we all have different ways of working and approaching sport!

    • Lisette Schmidt - Alumni Cruyff Institute
      • Lisette Schmidt
      • Alumnus Master in Sport Management Amsterdam

      The Cruyff alumni community is an international community. Although you studied in your own city, we are all ‘Cruyff’, so it is easy to connect with other Cruyff alumni when you travel abroad

    • Sanne Kleigwegt - Alumni Cruyff Institute
      • Sanne Kleijwegt
      • Alumnus Master in Coaching Amsterdam & Master in Sport Management Amsterdam

      The relationship with former fellow classmates remains very special. Every now and then the alumni come together, and it is always nice to see them again and meet new Cruyff alumni members

    • Elise Kettner - Alumni Cruyff Institute
      • Elise Kettner
      • Alumnus Bachelor Sport Marketing - Johan Cruyff Academy Amsterdam & Alumnus Master in Sport Management - Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam 

      On Mondays at school we always shared experiences about our sport performances. My fellow students gave me mental support which helped me in my sport and put things into perspective. The best thing about the Cruyff Network is the passion for sports, and the enthusiasm of the teachers. I am still in touch with many alumni and teachers from both the Academy and the Institute, who are always willing to help you. In that sense, the Cruyff Network is a source of inspiration.

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