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    Welcome to our Cruyff Alumni platform!

    There are thousands of Cruyff alumni - like you - in positions in and outside the world of international sports all over the world.

    We like to see this global network as a huge Cruyff Family. Many alumni of the Johan Cruyff Colleges, Johan Cruyff Academies and Johan Cruyff Institute already establish connections, organize events, conferences or social activities.

    We thank you all for those wonderful initiatives!

    We all know that learning and self-development doesn’t stop after studying.

    Johan Cruyff always said that alumni should stay connected to help each other to further professionalize the sports sector.

    That is why we created the Alumni Cruyff Institute platform.

    The platform offers new ways to be part of the Johan Cruyff Institute community today.

    How engaged you are with the Johan Cruyff Institute community is up to you.

    We are always delighted to see our alumni taking initiatives for:

    • further education
    • supporting students
    • finding talent for their business
    • working with us on new projects
    • funding research
    • offering work experience
    • reconnecting with old friends
    • or simply enjoying our updates

    The Alumni Community has to make this platform work.

    So we need your ideas, your enthusiasm, your initiatives, and your presence.

    Please share your experiences, stayed connected, help each other and let’s grow together.

    As Johan, our founder, used to say: “Alone you can't do anything, you must do it together!”



    Alumni Cruyff Institute offers lifelong learning, professional support, and networking opportunities for graduates of the global network.



    The Alumni Cruyff Institute was established thanks to the instrumental efforts of graduates in Amsterdam. These forward-looking alumni worked together to create a group that would:

    • Keep Alumni Cruyff Institute up to date on the most relevant trends in the sport management arena.
    • Cultivate a dynamic forum for learning and networking through Continuous Education.
    • Enable alumni to maintain and enrich their connections to the Institute, faculty members and fellow graduates